The Kitesurfing school of Puravida on the Beach is sponsored by the famous brand OCEAN RODEO, leader company in kitesurfing sector, and includes instructors that are chartered by the Italian Sailing Federation.

The course envisages 6 lessons with with a flexible schedule personalised to your needs and the meteorological conditions. The equipment OCEAN RODEO will be supplied by the school, wetsuit, lycra and trapeze included. Furthermore we have available of jet-sky and motor rubber boat for a complete water assistance.

The kitesurfing course rates are per person and don’t include the annual compulsory AICS membership fee and the insurance coverage. In adverse weather condition the lessons will be postdated and decided time to time with the instructor.

Course descriptionRate in Euros
Basic course with jetsky or motor rubber boat (6 hr)400
Basic course from the beach (6 hr) 350
Advanced course with jetsky or motor rubber boat (3 hr)180
Advanced course from the beach (3 hr) 150
Advanced course with jetsky or motor rubber boat (1 hr)70
Advanced course from the beach (1 ore)60

The basic course includes 6 lessons or steps:

1) Theory and knowledge of the kite materials and their features. Security and safety systems. Knowledge of the wind and of the sailing points. Practise of equipment assembly and dismantling.
2) Practise with a small kite sail of 2 meter square (Trainer) at the beach.
3) and 4) Practise with kite in the water : 7-9 meter square.
5) Body drag: be dragged by the kite in the water without the board.
6) Starting with kite board in the water.

For expert kitesurfers, Puravida on The Beach provide a lift service in the summertime (1 May- 30 September)

Services for kitesurfersRate in Euros
Lift service with jetsky 5
Lift service with jetsky (nr. 10 lift)30