If you like the sea, if you dream of sailing and you want to get the satisfaction to do this independently, if you want to be the “captain”, or you are a sailor and you want to improve your technic, Puravida on The Beach offers a wide range typology of sailing courses.

Sailing courses are collective or individual, for adults and children, and envisage different technical levels, with a flexible schedule personalized to your needs. The sailing school includes instructors chartered by the Italian Sailing Federation. The fleet includes one Skipper, one Laser, and two Optimist.

The following sailing course rates don’t include the annual compulsory AICS membership fee and the insurance coverage of 20,00 euros.

CoursesDescriptionScheduleRate in Euros
IndividualAdults 10 hours - basic/intermediate level to be agreed300
Adults 18 hours - advanced levelto be agreed450
Adults 3 hours - refreshingto be agreed120
Children 10 hours - basic/intermediate/advanced level to be agreed250
Children 3 hours - refreshingto be agreed90
GroupsGroups from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 3 participants Monday- FridayMon – Fri
10-12 am or 3-5 pm
Week-end4 hours individual course Saturday and Sunday (1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon) to be agreed

Late afternoon5 hours individual course late in the afternoon18:30 -19:30170

The sailing course rates are per person and don’t include the annual compulsory AICS membership fee and the insurance coverage. In adverse weather condition the lessons will be postdated and decided time to time with the instructor.

Basic level:

At this level the instructor will gradually teach the approach to the sailing boat and all things that revolve around it. The didactic progression is not strictly sequential; the sailing instructor will adapt the training to the group/individual, on the basis of their/his characteristic, aptitudes, and predisposition. The instructor will catch the attendees’ potentiality so that to propose and recommend appropriate exercises, adapting the didactical progression case by case. Achievements:
• Acquisition of the concepts of bow, stern, windward and leeward
• Balance and safe movements on board
• Basic knowledge of safety and aquatics
• Basic interpretation of meteorological warning and signals
• Nomenclature
• Fitting out and stripping the boat
• Maintenance of sailing point for short navigation
• Stop the boat
• Main knots
• Position and posture on board

Intermediate level

This level represents the temporal continuation of the basic course and it could be carried out between the same instructor and the same attendees. It will be important to filling the gaps of previous course with the aim to allow the group or the individual to proceed homogeneously. During this course the attendees will begin to sailing consciously, to improving the technic, to carrying out helming independently, and to making decision. Achievements:
• Change the direction of navigation and sail regulation
• Assisted navigation knowledge of the point of sailing
• Proper execution of a guideline
• Use of the rudder, sheet for bearing away and to luffing
• To tack ed to gybe
• Refining of sailing technic

Advanced level:

The advanced course doesn’t necessarily follow chronologically the two previous courses. It can be carried out during the weekends. During this course it will be necessary to integrate the navigation with a series of notions related to the meteorology and nautical science. This course aims to perfect the knowledge of those who want obtain more awareness. Achievements:

• To go out and come back with different weather conditions in different situations
• To know the basis of physics and fluid dynamics applied to the boat
• Attested knowledge of main NIPAM
• Attested knowledge of main meteorological notions
• Knowledge and recognition of streams and tides, and related navigation
• Control of the crew also in adverse meteorological and marine conditions
• Capability at optimise the boat and to carry out some basic fixing